May is all about making 29 Faces


Day 26 Already!! Whoa I can’t believe it is already day 26 of this challenge.  Unfortunately I came down with a nasty flu bug and fell behind in creating more faces.  However my personal goal is to use the time and resources I have and make whatever I can during this limited time.  I’ll just pick up where I left off and keep going. So with that in mind here goes…. I took a former sketch done on Day 3 and reduced the size, printed it, copied it onto tracing paper, transferred  it onto a rubber block, and converted my sketch into a stamp.  Here’s the before and after photos.

The next face is another sketch of a stylized face.  I repeated the same process as above.  I also made another stamp using the same original image but used some type of foam material I found at the craft store.  The technique for the foam stamp was really easy.  I simply placed my image on top of the foam and traced over the lines with a ball point pen.






Next I took another sketch done on Day 3 and converted it into a stencil using an overhead transparency sheet.  I have not yet painted with it so no idea if it will work or not!






I f you are interested in making your own stamps I found many free tutorials on youtube.  All of the techniques I used and mentioned above came from free internet resources.   However if you are serious about learning more advanced techniques and applying them to mixed media work I highly recommend Monica Zuniga’s “Be Unique” stamping class.  It is well worth the money.  I have learned so many things from Moni and highly recommend taking any of her online classes.   You won’t be disappointed 🙂 You can find her here

Day 16  Vampire sketch.

Day 15  Watercolour portrait.

Day 14  Just a simple sketch done during my lunch break at work today.  It reminds me of an Egyptian pharoah.

Day 13 I added colour to the faces I drew on days 8 and 9.  Once again I copied and printed onto card stock and coloured with paints, markers and glitter glue.  These faces were also reduced in size and will be used for artist trading cards at the end of May. Fun! Fun ! Fun!

Day 12  This series of faces I call, “Make Over Girls.  They are all of the same face posted on day 3.  I reduced the original size of  9x 12 to wallet sized images, printed six copies onto cardstock, and painted each girl differently.  They will be used for an atc swap later in the month. Bonus!

Day 11   Here’s looking at you!  This face is made with water colours and pastels.  It is based on techniques introduced in Traci Bautista’s Fashionista course.

Day 9   Another clown!

Day 8

Send in the clowns!  Here’s two sketches I did of clowns.  I then printed the images out and went over the copies with markers so they would show up better on my post.  I plan to paint and embellish them at a later date.

I love clowns…traditional, rodeo clowns, and the cirque du soleil clowns and performers.  One day I hope to do an entire series of paintings, mixed media,  and one of a kind dolls based on the theme of clowns.  I’m getting a little old to run away with the circus so this is the next best thing!

Day 7

I am still not feeling well physically and “feeling a little blue” emotionally too.  Sometimes when I am not feeling well it affects my moods.  I drew and coloured this face today with crayola markers and pencil crayons. It’s a little reminder to myself that  “Blue is just a colour.”

Here’s a copy of the same face done with markers.  I have a pack of water based markers stashed away in a cupboard that have rarely been used.  I wanted to see if the colours would blend when water was added.  I’ve never tried it before so I thought now might be a good time.  It was a total disaster!  I call this portrait, The Marked Woman. LOL!

And just in case you are interested…no the markers do not blend…only wash off your hands easily…and let’s face it some art days that’s exactly what might be needed!

Day 6

Thank goodness for the two days grace on this challenge…sick all day 😦

Day 5 

Too tired for colours!

Day 4

quick sketch today too!  Looking forward to the weekend and possibly applying colour to some faces 🙂

Day 3

A few drawings I did during my lunch break at work 🙂

Day 2

A quick ten minute sketch done today.  It’s all I have time for today because I am off to a singing  practice.  This girl was drawn at the end of my work day just before I headed home 🙂

This month it’s all about making faces …29 of them!  That’s one face per day except for two of course… but who’s counting right?  Ayala from Ayala Art is hosting the 29 faces challenge.  If  you would like to play along then click the badge on my side bar and it will take you directly to the information and sign up page.  The more the merrier!  The timing for this challenge came just at the right time.  I was planning to practice drawing faces so  it will be great to join along with others and share ideas, tips, and techniques with one another.  It’s also just good to see what other people do within a limited time frame.  I personally find it rather inspiring and encouraging to track bloggers as they engage in a challenge…gets my own ideas going and motivates me.  However there is nothing like entering a challenge…exhausting and rewarding!  Feel free to join, follow along via my blog, or other bloggers via Ayala’s blog.

Day one

Tonight I made three faces on ATCs.

These three artist trading cards are destined to find a new home with Darlene over at Freeniebelle.  Darlene has some wonderful mixed media pieces and I am thrilled to be exchanging cards with her.  I really enjoy Darelene’s art.  It is colourful, whimsical, and basically makes me happy.  I will treasure her three miniature pieces of art in exchange for my cards 🙂 You can check out Darlene’s work here


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  1. Wow, Laurie, I was just thinking how I love these ATC’s and then I read that I will receive them. Hip, hip, hooray. And so much fun to have you mention my work and blog. Thanks. Once I receive them I’ll post on my blog and tell people about the faces challenge. Faces and challenge= I’m in. Will love doing this. Thanks for the invitation. See you around.

  2. Beautiful ATC’s… and so lovely that you have traded them… I am sure this month is going to be fabulous with this lovely challenge… look forward to seeing more…

    • Yes I agree! This month will be a great month of creating! I love the idea of making a 29 day faces journal. Thanks for posting instructions on your blog. I may just do the same 🙂 I also love your day 2 picture of Star. She would make a beautiful art doll too…when you have time!

  3. Laurie — I so enjoy the 3…charming charming! and the work of Darlene and others, too. A refreshing new experience for me to view.

  4. Lauire…so much beautiful work here! Came to see the last few portraits..waiting patiently to see what you have created!

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